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Happy Summer from all of us at Bayou Dental Group!

We hope you’re enjoying the season and all the fun that comes with it. Summertime invites us into the great outdoors to enjoy its sensory playground.

It’s the time of year to take in the warm sunshine, the cool water of the swimming pool, and the robust smell of charcoal as people all through the neighborhood fire up their grills.

For most people, these staples of summer are all very pleasant to think about. But if you’re someone with missing teeth, summer doesn’t give you much to look forward to at all. That’s because you spend most of your time sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun.

Whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or you’ve been relying on removable dentures, you know all too well the kind of impact it has on your life. You can’t participate in summer festivities the way others can. You face challenges that people with a full set of healthy teeth take often take for granted.

But thanks to the skilled professionals in our Monroe dental office, you don’t have to settle for that anymore! We’re devoting today’s blog to a revolutionary tooth replacement option that can help you enjoy a higher quality of life, not just during the summer, but all year long.

Bayou Dental Group offers dental implants for people just like you who deserve secure, fully-functioning teeth that allow you to get out there and soak up the summer fun. Check out three reasons we think you should consider dental implants, then give our Monroe dental office a call to schedule an appointment!

Reason #1: Dental Implants Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

When you’re embarrassed about your smile because of missing teeth or poorly-fitted dentures, it’s almost impossible to enjoy yourself at social gatherings. And summer is full of those opportunities!

Holiday cookouts with family and friends, weddings, vacations, and reunions all require you to be around a lot of other people. You can’t have a good time when you’re constantly trying to hide your smile or stifle your laughter so people won’t see your teeth.

Dental implants fuse to your jawbone and is covered with a natural-looking restoration to provide a secure, attractive tooth replacement so you can smile with confidence. Imagine the difference it would make to your summer experience if you could actually enjoy social gatherings with the people you care about most!

Dental implants give you a restored, natural-looking smile you can feel good about.

Reason #2: Dental Implants Help You Eat The Foods You Love

Summer isn’t just about spending time with the people you love. It’s also a chance to enjoy some of the most delicious food to ever grace a grill!

You’re probably used to taking a seat at the picnic table surrounded by people chomping on crunchy fresh vegetables like grilled asparagus and corn on the cob. Meanwhile, you sit there with your plate of soft food, trying to ignore the sweet, spicy aroma of barbecue ribs and juicy steak from all sides.

With dental implants or implant-supported non-removable dentures, you can load up your plate with all the delicious foods you’ve had to pass up summer after summer. No more embarrassing dentures that shift around while you eat or coveting your neighbor’s plate as you eat soft, bland food.

Reason #3: Dental Implants Make Good Oral Health Easier

Since dental implants are securely fused to your natural jawbone, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of cleaning empty spaces or removable dentures that become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria in your mouth.

With dental implants, you can brush and floss just like you would with a full set of natural teeth. This makes good oral health much easier to achieve and maintain. You deserve to have an attractive smile, fully-functioning teeth, and a healthy mouth.

Dental implants can give you all three!

Commit To Enjoying Your Summer Once Again

If you’re ready to come out from the sidelines and join the summer party, then visit Dr. Finley and our team at Bayou Dental Group to see if dental implants are the right tooth replacement option for you!

Call our Monroe dental office TODAY at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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